Expanding COVID-19 Vaccination Program among NH Provider Practices Grants


The grants for Expanding COVID-19 Vaccination Program among NH Provider Practices” are facilitated by the NH Medial Society through the NH Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health Services, Bureau of Infectious Disease Control with Center for Disease Control (CDC) federal funds as mandated by the American Rescue Plan (P.L. 117-2).

Over $2 million in CDC grant funds is available and intended for health care practices, clinics and medical offices (not providing services as a community health center, federally qualified health center, or hospital and their affiliates) to increase infrastructure and capacity to administer and reduce access barriers to COVID-19 vaccinations. Please note that COVID-19 vaccine support funding for CHCs, FQHCs and hospitals is being coordinated through separate state contracts with the NH Hospital and Bi-State Primary Care Associations.

The grants are to assist independent health care practices/clinics in ensuring proper vaccine storage handling, administration, and documentation in accordance with state and federal guidance.

Grant requests applications may request assistance for one or more of the following expense categories:

  • Clinical Support (for the provision of COVID-19 vaccines)
  • Administrative Support (for the provision of COVID-19 vaccines, including technical IT assistance)
  • Equipment (e.g., freezers, refrigerators, data loggers)
  • Supplies (e.g., syringes, needles, alcohol wipes, band aids, stickers, etc.)
  • Computer Software (e.g., Electronic Health Records (EHR) system upgrades to enable HL7 messaging) to maintain vaccine accountability (reconciliation) in the NH Immunization Information System (NHIIS).

Application Process

  • Contact Jane Tewksbury for a preliminary call to walk through all that is required in the application process
  • Interested practices/clinics may apply online at https://nhmedicalsociety.com/grant-application/.
  • Initial applications will be accepted per practice/clinic (including those with multiple sites).  Review and approval of complete applications will begin on a rolling basis. If funds are still available, a secondary application may be submitted until all funds are exhausted
  • Once a grant request is accepted, an officer of the practice/clinic must complete an obligation agreement to include providing online quarterly reports (see data elements below) for one year.
  • Please use the Grant Expense Report Template when submitting the qualifying expenses noted above. All requests for expense reimbursements must include supporting documentation including employee timesheets, payroll system reports, and copies of paid receipts or invoices.

COVID-19 Vaccine Support Grant Expense Report Template.xlsx (may automatically download)

Questions about the grants or application process can be addressed to James Potter, NH Medical Society, via email at james.potter@nhms.org or by phone at 603-224-1909, ext. 103.

Click here for the application    Click here for an Excel template

Quarterly Reporting

Grant recipients are required to quarterly online report the information following for one year.  Emails reminders will be sent two weeks prior to the deadline and day prior to deadline to have grant recipients complete their online quarterly reporting following DHHS Information Security Requirements.  Providers will be required to either login to a portal, or complete an online form, and submit the following information. Failure to complete the quarterly reports in a timely manner may result in revocation of the grant or non-consideration for future NH DHHS funding opportunities.

The NH Medical Society will provide an annual report of aggregated data summarizing participation, outcomes, challenges, strengths, and needs for the upcoming year based on quarterly reported data.

Report Elements

  1. Description of COVID-19 vaccination activities performed, resulting impacts to individuals and families served, and other outcomes.
  2. Efforts, successes, and challenges experienced with local community-based organizations and stakeholders to promote vaccine awareness and uptake of COVID-19 vaccinations.
  3. Efforts, successes, and challenges experienced in reaching high-risk and underserved populations to promote and offer COVID-19 vaccinations.
  4. Efforts, successes, and challenges experienced in addressing vaccine misinformation and promoting vaccine confidence and uptake, especially within racial and ethnic minority populations.
  5. Potential barriers and solutions identified in the past quarter for low vaccine uptake in specific communities.
  6. Efforts, successes, and challenges experienced in providing community engagement.
  7. The number who have not previously received COVID-19 vaccination who were administered vaccination within the reporting period by the following age ranges: 5-11 years old, 12-17 years old, 18 years and older, and Birth – 4 years old when COVID-19 vaccination is approved.
  8. Efforts, successes, and challenges experienced in utilizing NHIIS and implementing NHIIS HL7 messaging.
  9. Status of NHIIS HL7 Onboarding for each health care practice including, but not limited to:
    • current HL7 onboarding phase of HL7 and
    • number of resources assigned and roles, including number of FTEs required.

Questions about the grants or application process can be addressed to James Potter, NH Medical Society, via email at james.potter@nhms.org or by phone at 603-224-1909, ext. 103.