Medicare administrative contractor’s advisory committee update

Posted By: Eric Y Loo MD President's Blog,

The NHMS council is extremely pleased to have Dr. Daniel Morrison added to the roster, and representing otolaryngology at our region’s Medicare administrative contractor’s advisory committee!


Dr. Morrison was a prior section chief of otolaryngology at Dartmouth Health, and has had a varied practice career including experience in closed panel HMOs, private practice, academic practice, and hospital employed practices. We feel that he will be a meaningful addition to the advisory committee, and are grateful to him for volunteering.


The specialties that still do not have NH physician representation include:

  1. Cardiology
  2. Family Practice
  3. Gastroenterology
  4. Gerontology
  5. Infectious Disease
  6. Internal Medicine
  7. Nephrology
  8. Nuclear Medicine
  9. Osteopathic Medicine
  10. Otolaryngology
  11. Pulmonary Medicine
  12. Radiation Oncology
  13. Surgery


If you would like to help ensure that your specialty’s services are being appropriately covered by Medicare, please reach out to me at