NHMS CEO Search is Live

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The search for a new CEO of the New Hampshire Medical Society is now active, with ads and announcements circulating and appearing on various websites. As you may know, we are being assisted in the search by Mary Budd, president of Starboard Leadership Consulting. Please consider circulating the "leadership statement” to friends, family, and business contacts. You may or may not know someone who could be a good candidate for this job, but there are certain to be people in your network who do. If you can circulate the leadership statement through social media, as an email message to select people, or by printing it out and handing it to someone, any or all will be helpful and appreciated. 
Everything a potential applicant needs to know is included in the leadership statement, including a link to our website, where they can learn more about us. If you get questions from potential applicants, let them know that a process is in place, that we have a search committee (supported by a consultant), and everything they need to know in order to apply will be in the leadership statement. 
While you’ll want to avoid getting into the midst of this process and feeling obligated to promote or champion candidates, if you identify someone you think deserves “special handling,” feel free to send Mary an email to let her know who and why. Her email address is mab@starboardleadership.com, and she’s readily available if you have questions.
Thank you in advance for whatever you can do to help us promote this wonderful opportunity and attract a strong pool of candidates.