2022 Election Wrap Up and Look Ahead

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As we look forward to the 2023 New Hampshire Legislative Session – physicians will continue to have a strong presence in the legislature. This year’s election saw our largest ever field of physicians (8) and spouses of physicians (8) running for office. Of those 16 total candidates, 12 won their races.


Janet Stevens (spouse of Dr. Bob Stevens) (R) District 3


Dr. Bill Palmer (D) Sullivan-2

Dr. Trinidad Tellez (D) Hillsborough-40

Dr. Dave Nagel (R) Belknap-6

Dr. Jim Murphy (D) Grafton-12

Katy Peternel (spouse of Dr. William Peternel) (R) Carroll-6

Ben Ming (spouse of Dr. Sarah Ming) (D) Hillsborough-35

Al Howland (spouse of Dr. Janet Perkins-Howland) (D) Strafford-20

Dan Veilleux (spouse of Dr. Laurie Veilleux) (D) Hillsborough-34

Mark Pearson (spouse of Dr. Mary Pearson) (R) Rockingham-34

Allison Knab (spouse of Dr. Brian Knab) (D) Rockingham-12


Cindy Rosenwald (spouse of Dr. Peter Klementowicz) (D) District 13

 Physician engagement in the legislature has been a top priority for NHMS with more than 300 physicians giving testimony in the last session – it’s critical that physicians are not only advocating to their elected officials but becoming elected officials themselves. 

We hope to continue this positive trend of physician representation in the legislature.  While we’re still learning of all the legislation that will be introduced this session, there are a few policies we know are coming up. One policy in particular, is the legislature’s decision on whether to reauthorize the New Hampshire Granite Advantage Health Care Program – also known more broadly as “Medicaid Expansion”. When it was last reauthorized in 2018, lawmakers created a commission to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and make recommendations for the future. Dr. Gary Sobelson, of Concord, represented NHMS on the commission and we thank him for his time and effort. Please see the commission’s recommendations below.

Final Report of the Commission to Evaluate the Effectiveness and Future of the New Hampshire Granite Advantage Health Care Program - Recommendations

“Throughout the course of the Commission’s work, it has been proven that the Granite Advantage Health Care Program benefits the residents of New Hampshire. This invaluable and important program provides health care access to over 90,000 New Hampshire residents. This program is administered in a responsible and thoughtful manner that protects New Hampshire taxpayers. Following numerous rounds of testimony from state agencies, stakeholders and providers, and the review of the 2021 Granite Advantage Health Care Plan Annual Report, drafted by the Medicaid Quality Program under the Division of Medicaid Services in the NH Department of Health and Human Services, the Commission recommends that the Granite Advantage Health Care Program be reauthorized in 2023 to continue to serve thousands of New Hampshire residents. It is recommended that the NH Department of Health and Human Services report the Mathematica Inc. findings to the Health and Human Services Oversight Committee, the Senate and House Health and Human Services Committees, and the Senate and House Finance Committees." 

 If you are at all interested in learning more about what goes into become an elected official, please let me know. You can email me at Michael.Padmore@nhms.org or call me on my direct line 603-858-4744. 


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